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About City_sec

The City_SEC project arises from the common need to support the local and regional policy makers in order to become members of the Covenant of Mayors and achieve its objectives, in particular, in those regions where there are few municipalities as signatories. City SEC project is aimed to boost the number of Sustainable Energy Communities and raise their awareness concerning energy balance and reduction of the local carbon footprint significantly and demonstrably, achieving self-sufficiency, beyond EU energy Policy targets; focus is municipalities’ adhesion to recently constituted Covenant of Mayors initiative. Project also aims at inducing a change related to energy behaviour in the communities involved in the project and achieving EU targets in sustainable energy use.

City_SEC aims at conducting an energy baseline assessment and developing Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP) for 44 municipalities, thus helping them to become Sustainable Energy Communities. The 44 municipalities involved will be supported by the Regional Development Agencies and Regional Energy agencies involved in the project to sign up to the Covenant of Mayors (CoM) initiative and to develop actions that will go beyond the 20-20-20 EU energy targets.
The activities are carried out by formalising 6 City_SECs comprising several municipalities as members and each City_SEC sharing a common strategy to reduce CO2 emissions and increase energy efficiency in the region. To achieve this goal, the project partners realize training and raising awareness activities during the first year of project implementation, through training sessions and study visits to the experienced European Municipalities involved in the Consortium. After a period of training and information activities, City_SEC Municipalities will jointly adhere to the Covenant of Mayors. One year from the adhesion to the Covenant each Municipality must develop a SEAP through the collection of energy data and their analysis.
The City_SEC Municipalities will be supported by the project partners to draft a detailed analysis on the energy baseline assessment, using a toolkit already developed within an IEE project and adapting it to the local needs. SEAPs will be presented in an international event in Brussels, to guarantee a wide dissemination and share with EU representatives reached results and faced problems.
City_SEC will also explore the role Regional Development Agencies (RDA) can play to support the Covenant of Mayors initiative by outlining recommendations based on the experiences of the participating 5 RDAs.

Download the final publication of City_SEC project in English and all project languages to know more about the activities and the results: